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Getting arrested and having to post bail can be an stressful and financially difficult situation. For those who don’t have enough cash on hand to post their full bail amount, a bail bond or bail money loan may be an option. In Rowland Heights, CA, there are a few options for obtaining a bail money loan quickly.

How Bail Money Loans Work

A bail money loan is a short-term loan that provides the money needed to pay the full bail amount set by the court. The bail loan company will pay the bail amount directly to the jail or court, allowing for the detained person’s release while their criminal case proceeds.

Here’s how bail money loans typically work:

  • After an arrest, the court sets a bail amount based on factors like criminal charges and flight risk.
  • If the defendant can’t afford to pay the full bail amount upfront, they can apply for a bail bond/loan.
  • A bail agent or lender fronts the bail money to the court, allowing for the defendant’s release from jail.
  • The defendant is then responsible for repaying the full loan amount plus fees and interest to the bail loan company. Repayment plans and terms vary.
  • If the defendant misses payments or court dates, the lender can revoke the bond and have the defendant re-arrested.

Requirements for Bail Money Loans

The requirements to qualify for a bail money loan in Rowland Heights include:

  • Valid government ID
  • Proof of residency
  • Verifiable source of income
  • Co-signer if defendant has poor credit
  • Collateral like a car title may be required

The interest rates, fees, loan terms, and collateral required depends on the bail loan company, loan amount, and defendant’s finances and credit history.

Where to Get Bail Money Loans in Rowland Heights

Some options for bail money loans in Rowland Heights include:

  • Aladdin Bail Bonds – This bail bond company offers fast bail loans for cases in LA and Orange County. No collateral required for some loans.
  • Golden State Bail Bonds – Services Los Angeles and Orange County cases. Offers loans for bail amounts up to $100k.
  • 8th Amendment Bail Bonds – Family-owned company providing bail loans throughout Southern California. All major credit cards accepted.
  • SoCal Bail Bonds -Works with multiple lenders to get defendants bail loans within hours. Competitive rates and flexible payment plans.
  • – Connects defendants to lenders offering loans for bail and other legal situations. Quick online process.
  • Bad Boys Bail Bonds – Bail bond specialists serving LA and Orange County. Get bail loans with low down payments.

FAQs about Bail Money Loans

The cost of a bail loan includes the bail bond fee, which is usually 10-15% of the full bail amount, as well as interest and additional fees. APR on bail loans can be over 30% depending on your creditworthiness.

Many bail loan companies can get you the money within hours of approval. However, timeframes depend on factors like bail amount, underwriting, and collateral.

No, the bail loan company keeps the full bail amount when the case concludes. However, if you fully repay the loan plus fees, the bail bond is discharged and your obligations end.

Yes, judges have discretion to deny bail if the charges are severe enough or the defendant is considered a flight risk that can’t be mitigated by a high bail amount.

The lender can revoke the bail bond, leading to re-arrest. Missed payments also incur fees and can seriously damage your credit score.

Key Takeaways

  • Bail money loans allow defendants to pay the full bail amount through financing from a bail bond company.
  • To get approved, applicants need good credit or a co-signer, steady income, and may need collateral.
  • Research lenders carefully, compare costs, and read the fine print to understand repayment terms.
  • Timely repayment is essential to avoid arrest, fees, credit impacts, and other serious consequences.
  • For those who qualify, a bail money loan can provide fast financial assistance to get out of jail and return home while your case proceeds.

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