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B Praak is an Indian music composer, singer and music producer known for his hit songs in Bollywood and Pollywood (Punjabi industry). Some of his most popular tracks include “Mann Bharrya”, “Ranjha” and “Filhall”. Let’s take a closer look at B Praak’s career, personal life and net worth.

B Praak

Net Worth:
$5 Million

$3,00,000 +

Monthly Income:
$20,000 +


38 Yrs

5 Feet 4 Inch

Date Of Birth:


Early Life and Background

B Praak’s real name is Pratik Bachan. He was born on 4 April 1994 in Batiwala, a village in the Punjab state of India. From an early age, B Praak was passionate about music and began taking classical music and harmonium lessons.

He got his initial break in the music industry as a session and backing vocalist. He even worked as a music producer before eventually getting opportunities as a lead playback singer.

Career Beginnings and Rise to Fame

B Praak first composed music for the 2016 Punjabi song “Oye Hoye Oye Hoye” by Gippy Grewal. However, the song that put him firmly in the spotlight was Ranjit Bawa’s hit track “Jatt Da Sahara” in 2017.

The following year, B Praak delivered several popular tracks in films like Jaani Ve, Sufna and Ardaas Karaan. His fame grew tremendously after composing the emotional song “Mann Bharrya” for the Bollywood film Bhuj: The Pride of India in 2020.

Some of his other smash hits songs have included “Filhall” and “Ranjha” (with B Praak’s soulful vocals), cementing his status as one of India’s most sought-after music composers and singers.

Awards and Recognition

Thanks to his soaring popularity and versatility as a singer-composer, B Praak has already won many major awards:

  • Best Music Composer at Filmfare Awards Punjabi 2019
  • Best Duet Vocalist at Filmfare Awards Punjabi 2019 (for “Mann Bharrya 2.0”)
  • Best Non-Film Song at PTC Music Awards 2018
  • Best Duet at Brit Asia TV Music Awards 2018
  • Best Music Director at Filmfare Awards Punjabi 2020
  • Best Playback Singer Male at Mirchi Music Awards Punjabi for “Mann Bharrya”
  • Listeners Choice Film Album of the Year at Brit Asia TV Music Awards 2020

Clearly, both the music industry and audiences love what B Praak brings to the table! Many fans flock to his energetic and emotional live concerts happening regularly around India.

Personal Life

B Praak prefers keeping a low personal profile despite his fame. In 2021, he married his longtime girlfriend Meera Bachan. The couple had a son named Adabb in 2022.

B Praak has credited his wife for supporting him immensely throughout his struggling early years trying to make it big as a musician.

B Praak’s Net Worth

According to media reports, B Praak’s net worth is an estimated $5 million as of 2023.

Given his soaring success and popularity in recent years, B Praak has been able to command over ₹10-25 lakhs per song as a singer and composer. He also earns from stage performances and through his YouTube revenue from music videos.

B Praak owns an independent house and several luxury cars. Considering he’s still quite early in his career, his net worth is definitely poised to grow higher in the coming years.

Future Projects

B Praak remains very busy these days with multiple film and non-film music projects in the pipeline.

Some of his songs expected to release soon are:

  • “Saare Bolo Befikre” – Shiddat
  • “Bandi Totty” – Bad Boy
  • “Mera Bhai Vi Tu” –TITLE
  • “Roka Roka” – TITLE

He is also slated to have songs in big upcoming Bollywood movies like It’s My Life, Ulajh and Good Luck Jerry.

Without a shred of doubt, B Praak will continue conquering the Indian music charts for years to come!

5 Key Things to Know About B Praak

Here are 5 quick key facts to know about this talented Indian musician:

  1. Full Name: Pratik Bachan
  2. Birthday and Age: Born on 4 April 1994, currently 28 years old (as of 2023)
  3. Main Instruments: Vocals, harmonium, dholki, guitar
  4. Biggest Hit Song: “Mann Bharrya” from Bhuj (crossed 300+ million views on YouTube)
  5. Award Wins: Best Music Composer Award at Filmfare Awards Punjabi 2019 & 2020

So in short, B Praak is a rising 28-year-old singer-composer from Punjab taking India’s music industry by storm right now!

Frequently Asked Questions About B Praak

What is B Praak’s real name?

His birth name is Pratik Bachan, though he is better known by his stage name B Praak (‘B’ stands for ‘Bachan’).

What’s B Praak’s musical background?

He started learning classical music and harmonium from age 6. He later learned instruments like dholki, guitar.

How did B Praak get his big break as a musician?

Though he arranged songs early in his career, B Praak rose to fame composing the hit 2017 Punjabi track “Jatt Da Sahara”.

What was B Praak’s breakthrough Bollywood song?

His claim to fame came with composing the emotional song “Mann Bharrya” for the 2020 Bollywood film, Bhuj: The Pride of India.

Is B Praak married?

Yes, he married his long time girlfriend Meera Bachan in 2021. They have a son named Adabb.

What is B Praak’s net worth?

B Praak’s net worth is reported to be around $5 million as of 2023. He charges ₹10-25 lakhs per song as a singer now.

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