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Arthur “Art” Garfunkel is an award-winning American musician, singer and songwriter best known as one half of the legendary folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel. Along with his musical partner Paul Simon, Garfunkel produced a string of hit songs in the 1960s and 1970s that have become classics.

NameArt Garfunkel
Net Worth:
$97 Million

$8 Million +

Monthly Income:
$1 Million +

American singer

82 Yrs

1.75 m
Date Of Birth:


Art Garfunkel’s Net Worth

Thanks to the impressive success of Simon & Garfunkel over the years, Art Garfunkel has amassed a sizable fortune. His current net worth is estimated to be around $50 million as of 2023. The bulk of his wealth has come from record and ticket sales, royalties, merchandise and rights from Simon & Garfunkel’s catalogue of songs. Even after the duo split in 1970, their music continued selling well, allowing Garfunkel’s net worth to steadily increase.

Art Garfunkel’s Age & Early Life

Art Garfunkel was born on November 5, 1941 in Forest Hills, Queens, New York. He became interested in music at a young age, learning to play guitar and singing in school productions. In 1956 when Garfunkel was just 15 years old, he met his future singing partner Paul Simon at school. The two teenagers started writing songs together and performing as a short-lived duo Tom & Jerry.

As of 2023, Art Garfunkel is 81 years old and still sporadically performs live shows and releases new music as a solo artist. He is currently working on a memoir documenting his life and musical career.

Art Garfunkel’s Height

Art Garfunkel’s height is reported to be 6 feet (183 cm) tall. His height paired with his iconic blonde curly hair has made Garfunkel one of the most recognizable celebrities over a long span. Standing slightly taller than his singing partner Paul Simon has also created an iconic image of the duo together.

Simon & Garfunkel’s Musical Legacy

Simon & Garfunkel first hit big in the mid-1960s as a folk rock act, gaining popularity from campus events and the growing counterculture movement. Their debut album Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. featuring the seminal song “The Sound of Silence” was initially a commercial disappointment in 1964.

However, an alternate remixed version of “The Sound of Silence” became a massive #1 hit on the charts in 1965. This surprise smash success propelled Simon & Garfunkel into international stardom practically overnight.

Over the next several years, Simon & Garfunkel cemented their legacy as one of the premier acts of the 1960s folk revival scene. Their iconic songs like “Mrs. Robinson”, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “The Boxer” would go on to be considered classics. At their peak, they were one of the biggest selling music groups in the world.

Despite creative differences causing their breakup in 1970, Simon & Garfunkel left an indelible mark on pop culture and music history. They represent a quintessential time capsule into 1960’s counterculture America.

In 1990, the duo reunited for a free concert in Central Park that drew over 500,000 people in one of the largest rock concerts ever. They have sporadically toured and performed Simon & Garfunkel songs together ever since.

Art Garfunkel’s Solo Career After Simon & Garfunkel

Although he will forever be tied to Simon & Garfunkel’s legacy, Art Garfunkel has managed to craft a long solo career as both a musician and an actor. His debut solo album Angel Clare in 1973 sold over a million copies and spawned the Top 10 hit “All I Know”.

Over the following decades, Garfunkel would go on to release over 10 studio albums showcasing his iconic tenor vocals. While not achieving the sheer heights of his Simon & Garfunkel fame, songs like “Bright Eyes”, “Breakaway” and “Miss You Nights” would become minor hits in the 70s and 80s.

As an actor, Art Garfunkel has appeared in several major films like Catch-22, Carnal Knowledge, Bad Timing and Boxing Helena over the years. While not necessarily becoming a movie star, his acting career has received critical acclaim at times.

Now in his 80s, Art Garfunkel continues to sporadically tour, often performing Simon & Garfunkel songs alongside his lesser-known solo material. His rabbity tenor vocals remain mostly unchanged by time and he plans to release a memoir soon.

Art Garfunkel FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Art Garfunkel’s life and career:

How did Art Garfunkel meet Paul Simon?

Garfunkel met Simon in elementary school in Queens, New York in 1956 when they were just 11 years old. They bonded over their shared interest in music and began practicing songs together and writing original material as a duo.

Why did Simon & Garfunkel break up?

Simon & Garfunkel had mounting creative differences and personal tensions that ultimately led to their decision to split up in 1970 shortly after releasing their final “Bridge over Troubled Water” album. They reunited periodically over the following decades but have never fully gotten back together for good.

What was Art Garfunkel’s biggest solo hit song?

Art Garfunkel’s highest charting solo hit was “All I Know” from his debut 1973 “Angel Clare” album. It peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Has Art Garfunkel won any major awards?

Along with Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel has won 10 Grammy Awards and a Brit Award under Simon & Garfunkel. He also has one Grammy nomination for his solo work. In 1977, Simon & Garfunkel received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Is Art Garfunkel currently touring?

Yes, although now 81 years old, Art Garfunkel continues to perform live shows and go on limited tours where he sings both his solo songs along with classic Simon & Garfunkel material. His next scheduled concerts are in Ireland and England in Spring 2023.

So in summary, Art Garfunkel has cultivated an acclaimed career spanning over 60 years, both as one half of the legendary Simon & Garfunkel duo and later as a noteworthy solo act and actor. His musical legacy and net worth is secure as one of the most popular artists to come from the 1960s era.

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