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Google play store is one of the platforms that people look for when it comes to downloading any application on the android phone. Google doesn’t allow any other apps stores to be downloaded from Google Play itself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them. There are many alternatives to the app store that you can install on your device. For this, you need to follow such steps as:

  1. First of all, go to the setting menu
  2. Then, open the security app
  3. Now, check the unknown sources box

Through this, you can install apps (or APKs) from outside of Google Play.

Here are some best Apphax iPhone and Android Apps that you can install and enjoy their fantastic feature. Check all of them and install any of them that you like most. And you can use any of them as per your feasibility. 


GetJar is one of the best alternatives of app store app with a vast collection of free apps that you can download. Same as Google play store, it is filtered with categories and subcategories. GetJar is not only good for android but also for iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and more. You can use the GetJar website to download and access apps; also you can download the GetJar app store APK. 


As compared to 2.5 million malware tested apps, Uptodown seems to be an amazing app that is called a reliable play store alternative. With an official word count of 30,000, it is sufficient to use. You will find installation packages that are available to download on the website, but you need to install the uptodown app first. When you will browse the store, you will notice no paid content. Uptodown has no payment system. Uptodown always seems tidy, as per several test searches people did not notice any counterfeits or plagiarized software that is often seen in other applications. So, for free applications, you can approach this platform. 


When it comes to the google play app store, then Amazon is one of the platforms that would be great to look for. There are thousands of free and paid apps. And Amazon provides a paid app for free every day by using amazon’s app store. Amazon provides free bundles of paid apps. You need to create an account to use the services on Amazon. You will find a huge collection of books, movies, songs, and more on the Amazon app store at the cheapest price. 


APKUpdater is another alternative to the Google play app that delivers updates earlier than other apphax. Whether you want to use new WhatsApp features sooner than everyone or if your Facebook drains your battery too much, APKUpdater is all you need. The new versions of this application are either downloaded from APKMirror, APKPure, or via Evozi from the Play Store. All are best in reputation but not as safe as F-Droid or the play store. The only disadvantage is it does not offer a search function but only updates the app.


You can install this application from its official website and it is one of the great ideas to look in. The F-Droid is funded by donations, and the app themselves don’t have reviews and ratings. All the apps contained FOSS that means Free and Open Source Software. For developers, it’s an excellent app because everyone can access the code of these apps without paying any amount. Check the particular app features and functionality which you would like to use for your own app and access the code by just copying it. The only disadvantage is that the app is not always professional as many Google play offers. But still, it is used by many developers. 


Aptoid is also a great android marketplace that is giving good competition to the google play store. Aptoide offer applications that are generally not found on the Play Store. App updates come through Aptoid faster than any other play store. Some of their apps offer for free in Aptoid. If you use third-party stores, you will see more and more plagiarized software. The only thing to keep in mind is that Aptoid should be used by only those who are experienced users who can find out plagiarism or any other issue. 

Final Words

Apphax itself a great platform to use, but when it comes to the alternatives we will find a lot of applications to look for. From the above-shown apps, you can use any of them that you like the most. Also, check all the features carefully before selecting any of the above. So, let’s enjoy these applications on your Android or iPhone. And till then be with us and get some more exciting blogs on different applications like AppHax and more.  

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