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Andrew Russell Garfield is an acclaimed English-American actor known for his award-winning performances in films like The Social Network, Hacksaw Ridge and Spider-Man. With his tall frame, charming looks and undeniable acting chops, Garfield has become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading men.

Andrew Garfield

Net Worth:
$18 Million

$1 Million +

Monthly Income:
$0.1 Million +

American actor

40 Yrs

1.79m. (5′ 10″)

Yearly Income:
$2 Million +


Date Of Birth:

Birth Place:
Los Angeles, California, United States

Lynn Garfield, Richard Garfield

What is Andrew Garfield’s Background?

Andrew Garfield was born on August 20, 1983 in Los Angeles, California. His mother is from Essex, England while his father is from California. When he was three years old, his family moved to Surrey, England where Garfield was raised.

He became interested in acting at a young age and began taking acting classes as a teen. He went on to attend the Central School of Speech and Drama. After graduating in 2004, Garfield soon started landing roles on stage and on British television.

His breakout role came in 2007 when he starred in the Channel 4 series Boy A, earning him a Best Actor BAFTA TV award. This opened the doors for Garfield to transition to feature films.

What is Andrew Garfield’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Andrew Garfield’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million.

The majority of his wealth has come from his lucrative film career. As his stardom continues to rise, so do his per-movie salaries. Some of his highest paying roles have been:

  • $500,000 for The Amazing Spider-Man
  • $1 million for The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • $3-4 million for Silence
  • $5 million for Tick, Tick…Boom!
  • $7 million for Under the Banner of Heaven

In addition to acting, Garfield has earned income from endorsement deals with brands like Sporty Ginger and Cole Haan. With many major projects still ahead in his blossoming career, Garfield’s net worth is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

How Old is Andrew Garfield?

Andrew Garfield is currently 39 years old.

He was born on August 20, 1983, making him a Leo. Garfield will turn 40 in 2023.

Despite nearing his 40s, Garfield still looks quite youthful. His natural good looks and lean frame have allowed him to continue playing younger characters on screen well into his 30s.

For example, he was 31 when he first took on the iconic role of Peter Parker/Spiderman in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man. His boyish charm and exuberance made him the perfect fit for the teenage web-slinging superhero.

How Tall is Andrew Garfield?

Andrew Garfield’s height is a staggering 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters).

With his slim build and good posture, Garfield truly towers on screen and in photos. His tall frame gives him a striking presence – whether he’s playing billionaire Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network or WWII army medic Desmond Doss in Hacksaw Ridge.

His height compared to that of his various co-stars and love interests has been fodder for much discussion over the years. In real life, Garfield dated actress Emma Stone who stands nearly a foot shorter than him at 5 feet 2 inches!

Garfield once joked that he was ’30% leg’. Indeed, his long limbs are impossible to miss in his many red carpet appearances and fashion magazine covers.

Major Acting Roles & Achievements

To date, some of Andrew Garfield’s most memorable on-screen roles include:

  • Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network (2010) – This Facebook origin story earned Garfield his first Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations.
  • Peter Parker / Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and sequel – Garfield stepped into Tobey Maguire’s shoes as the famed web-slinger.
  • Desmond T. Doss in Hacksaw Ridge (2016) – Garfield’s portrayal of real life WWII hero Desmond Doss earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.
  • Prior Phillip in Silence (2016) – Garfield held his own alongside acting heavyweights Liam Neeson and Adam Driver in this historical drama directed by Martin Scorsese.
  • Jonathan Larson in Tick, Tick…Boom (2021) – Garfield took on the role of the late Rent composer/playwright Jonathan Larson in this musical biopic helmed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. His performance earned him Golden Globe and SAG awards.

Off-screen, Andrew Garfield is an avid supporter of various charities. He uses his fame and platform to bring awareness to organizations like the Worldwide Orphans Foundation and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

In 2021, he was even honored with Cinema for Peace’s Justice Award for his decades of humanitarian work.

Andrew Garfield’s Personal Life & Relationships

While wildly successful as an actor, Andrew Garfield has mostly kept details of his personal life out of the spotlight.

Garfield dated actress Shannon Marie Woodward from 2008-2011. He was also in a long term relationship with actress Emma Stone for several years before splitting in 2015. The two met while filming The Amazing Spiderman in 2010 and were considered a major Hollywood power couple during their time together.

More recently, Garfield has been romantically linked to model Alyssa Miller. The two reportedly met through mutual friends in early 2022.

Outside of his romantic relationships, Garfield leads an active lifestyle and considers himself quite spiritual. He practices yoga, surfing, and says spirituality has been an important grounding force for him amidst the chaos of fame.

Garfield is also known to be great friends with his Amazing Spider-Man co-star Jamie Foxx. The two have regularly been seen joking around at events and red carpets over the years.

Conclusion & FAQ

In conclusion, Andrew Garfield is one of the most compelling and accomplished actors of his generation. With natural talent, leading man looks, and box office draw, Garfield has amassed an impressive resume of film work along with nearly $15 million net worth while still under 40.

With highly-anticipated projects like Under the Banner of Heaven still ahead, his fame and wealth are sure to keep multiplying for years to come. Garfield shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

FAQ about Andrew Garfield

Q: Where was Andrew Garfield born?

A: Andrew Garfield was born in Los Angeles, California on August 20, 1983.

Q: Is Andrew Garfield married?

A: No, as of 2023 Andrew Garfield is not married. He was previously in a longterm relationship with actress Emma Stone but they split in 2015.

Q: Does Andrew Garfield have any children?

A: No, Andrew Garfield does not have any children as of 2023.

Q: What was Andrew Garfield’s breakthrough role?

A: Andrew’s breakthrough role came in the 2007 British TV movie Boy A which earned him a BAFTA TV award for Best Actor. This critically acclaimed performance propelled his transition to Hollywood.

Q: How much does Andrew Garfield get paid per movie?

A: Andrew Garfield’s movie salaries range from around $500K on the lower end up to $7 million for more recent major studio projects like Under the Banner of Heaven. His per film rates continue to rise as his star power grows.

Q: What will Andrew Garfield star in next?

A: Upcoming projects for Andrew include playing Detective Jeb Pyre in true crime limited series Under the Banner of Heaven premiering in 2022. He has also been cast as piano composer Rene Levinsky in Mother’s Milk expected in 2023.

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