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Alvaro Morte is a Spanish actor who has risen to international fame for his portrayal of The Professor (Sergio Marquina) on the hit Spanish series Money Heist. With his calculating mind and complex plans, The Professor has become one of the most beloved characters on the show. Outside of Money Heist, Alvaro has had a successful career in Spanish film and television.

Early Life and Education

Alvaro Morte was born on February 23, 1975 in Algeciras, Cadiz, Spain. He became interested in acting at a young age and studied at the School of Dramatic Art in Jerez de la Frontera. After graduating, he began taking on small roles in theater productions and short films.

Career Beginnings

In 2002, Alvaro landed his first major television role on the Spanish series El Secreto de Puente Viejo. He played Lucas on the show until 2007. This helped establish him as an actor in Spain and led to more roles. In 2011, he appeared in the popular Spanish series Amar en tiempos revueltos.

Alvaro’s early film work includes parts in Spanish movies like El camino de los ingleses and La piel azul. While he was getting steady acting work, his big breakout role would come in 2017 with Money Heist.

Rise to Fame With Money Heist

When Money Heist first premiered on Spanish network Antena 3 in 2017, it became an unexpected hit. The series centers on a group of thieves carrying out elaborate heists under the guidance of The Professor. Alvaro Morte brings charm and intellect to the role of The Professor, making him a compelling anchor for the show.

The first season of Money Heist was successful enough to be acquired by Netflix. When it debuted in late 2017, it became an international sensation. The show has since released four total seasons, with Alvaro Morte remaining in the lead role. Money Heist has become one of Netflix’s most watched non-English language shows.

Thanks to the global popularity of Money Heist, Alvaro has become a recognizable star around the world. His brilliant portrayal of The Professor has made him a fan favorite character.

Other Notable Roles

While Money Heist has been Alvaro’s biggest role, he has continued taking on other acting projects as well. In 2019, he appeared in the Spanish thriller series The Pier, playing a character named Oscar. That same year, he was in the film While at War which was nominated for 16 Goya Awards.

In 2021, Alvaro returned to Spanish television in the series Boundless playing the role of Javier. Most recently in 2022, he appeared in Amazon Prime’s limited series The Head about scientists in Antarctica. Even with his Money Heist fame, Alvaro has shown he wants to continue challenging himself with diverse roles.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Alvaro Morte’s personal life as he keeps it private. While he has never been married, various reports link him to Spanish actress Blanca Clemente. The two worked together on the 2010 mini-series Hispania, la leyenda. Alvaro does not have any children.

When he’s not acting, Alvaro enjoys swimming, reading, and spending time with friends. He has said his favorite book is The Fool’s Tale by Nicole Galland. Photography and travel are also among his hobbies.

Net Worth

According to reports, Alvaro Morte has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2022. The vast majority of his wealth comes from Money Heist and the global popularity of his character on the show. With the series ending in 2021, Alvaro’s net worth will likely continue to grow as he takes on new projects. As one of Spain’s highest paid actors, he can command a high salary.

Height and Other Details

  • Height: 5’11” (1.8 m)
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Green
  • Languages: Spanish, English

Even with his money and fame, Alvaro Morte has stayed grounded. When interviewed, he comes across as humble and grateful for the success that Money Heist brought him. Fans are eager to see what roles he takes on next after becoming so attached to his character on the show. At 46 years old, Alvaro is still actively acting with many more years left in his career.


Alvaro Morte has proven himself to be a talented actor capable of taking on diverse roles. However, he will likely always be best known for his breakout part on Money Heist. Going from a moderately successful actor in Spain to a global sensation, Alvaro is now a household name for millions of Netflix subscribers. His net worth may only be $2 million now, but is poised to grow substantially in the coming years. Wherever Alvaro’s career takes him next, fans will be delighted to follow along on the journey.

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