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Jade Logue

Formerly named as Arlo Logue, Jade Logue is a daughter of a well-known actor Donal Logue. She was born to Donal and his first wife Kasey Walker on March 25th, 2001. Jade was born as a transgender in the hospital of Brooklyn, USA. So, the world now knows her as Jade Logue who’s a transgender daughter of a famous Hollywood actor.

Jade’s father is a famous Hollywood actor who has been working in different projects since the 1990s. Secondly, Jade’s transgender decision highlighted her presence in this world. That’s why Jade Logue is a known star kid of Hollywood. 

Donal Logue couldn’t find her daughter in the home for days. This became breaking news worldwide. Her parents searched for their star kids everywhere. So you must be wondering to know more about Jade Logue. We have briefly described Jade’s life from her birth until now.

Early Life or Childhood 

As stated earlier, Jade Logue was born in a family of famous actor Donal Logue and Kasey Walker. Jade was born in the United state of America on March 25th,  2001. She belongs to Donal’s former wife and Jade has a brother named Finn. 

Jade Logue

Jade Logue is the youngest child of her parents and she had a very friendly relationship with her brother Finn. According to the sources, Jade always had a supportive corner of her family from the starting of her life.

Being a Transgender 

Jade Logue was born as a boy so her parents named their kid Arlo Logue. She confessed in front of her parents about her more being a girl. She told her parents that she is happier to be a girl for her entire life. Luckily, Donal and his former wife Kasey supported their child Jade with her decision. 

Both of her parents agreed on their child’s personal choice. Jade Logue underwent a transition surgery to change her gender from a boy to a girl. This was the time of her life when she changed her name from Arlo to Jade Logue. Being a known star kid, it wasn’t an easy decision for Jade. The difficult part was to announce this publicly which was more like inviting bullying and criticism to her life. 

Jade Logue declared herself as a transgender publicly at the age of fifteen. She started to appear in public places in a girly way. She was seen dressed up as a beautiful woman. Besides being dressed up like a girl, she planned to grow her hair. Jade started to look exactly like a woman as if she was born to be a girl. The only sad moment was her childhood pictures revealing her natural gender as a boy.

Jade received a huge amount of appreciation from the community. Jade Logue was confident about her transgender decision but she was living a risky lifestyle. Her school mates used to bully and assault jade for being transgender.

Jade’s Personal Life 

Jade is a young soul but she’s not a social media person. There’s no online account associated with Jade except the twitter one. Her Twitter account has also not been updated for months. Jade Logue is considered to be a private person who’s more into an introverted lifestyle.

She’s a star kid but still, she’s not into any sort of stardom. Jade has not been seen with any relationship partner in the last few years. It feels like she’s not a relationship person or maybe she doesn’t feel like having a one at the moment. It is completely understandable because one can not predict the gender of a partner for a transgender.  There are no headlines about the social or personal life of Jade Logue.

The Disappearance of a Starkid

Jade Logue became the talk of the state in the year 2017. She was found to be missing from her house. Her father told the media that Jade went outside to meet her friend but she didn’t show up again in the house. It was a shocking moment for the community to find out that Jade Logue was missing from the house. Donal and his former wife Kasey requested everyone to look for their transgender daughter as much as possible.

Donal logged about her child has been missing for days but she hasn’t run away. He posted again on twitter and this time pledged to the government officials to help his family in this case. The police,FBI, and other officials investigated the case.

Media personals asked several questions regarding Jade’s news from her parents.

People wanted to know about the reasons behind Jade’s missing news. Later on, Donal made this on record that her daughter Jade is missing after discussing the case with officials. 

The officials founded jade 400 miles from her hometown. She was returned to her parents immediately. There were no official statements regarding her missing out for days. Jade’s father posted a Thankyou note to all his supporters after her daughter returned to her house.

Jade’s Father Donal Logue 

Jade Logue father

Donal Logue has been a star for many amazing movies since the 1990s. He also appeared with Nicholas Cage in the movie Ghost Rider. Donal Logue is also known for his latest role in Gotham as detective Harvey Bullock.

Net Worth Of Jade Logue 

People have different views about the wealth of Donal Logue’s family. In 2018, jade used to earn $80,000 through different ventures in her life. Her wealth is increasing due to her father’s acting career. Donal Logue’s net worth is almost $3 million. So Jade Logue belongs to a powerful wealthy family background.


The above mentioned brief biography of Jade Logue depicts her tough and struggling lifestyle. You can understand how difficult it was for her to make a life-changing decision. Jade’s life was a roller coaster ride since her birth as a boy named Arlo Logue. Her decision to change her identity for life brought many hurdles in her life. Jade Logue is a remarkable personality to look for bravery and confidence against the odds in our society.

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