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Aka is an American rapper, singer, and record producer who first gained recognition in the early 2000s as part of the hip hop duo Ces Cru. He has developed an influential solo career and is considered one of the most skilled technical rappers of his generation.


Net Worth:
$15 Million

South African rapper

36 Yrs

South African

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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Aka was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1979. He developed an interest in rapping and producing beats from a young age, performing locally around Kansas City in his teens. In the early 2000s, he formed the duo Ces Cru with fellow Kansas City rapper Ubiquitous. They released their debut album in 2004, gaining attention for their fast-paced rhyme schemes and verbal dexterity.

Success with Ces Cru

Ces Cru gained a loyal following in the Midwest and beyond through constant touring and critically acclaimed albums in the 2000s and early 2010s. They are respected for their creative wordplay and ability to rap at breakneck speeds while maintaining clarity. During this time, Aka also continued honing his skills as a producer, crafting beats for Ces Cru along with other artists.

Solo Career and Rising Popularity

Aka embarked on a solo career in 2012, releasing his first solo album “Borrowed Time.” Displaying his trademark rapid delivery and witty bars, it expanded his fanbase nationwide. Through guests spots with prominent rappers and collaborations with top producers, Aka’s profile continued rising over the next few years. His subsequent albums incorporated more singing while showcasing his technical abilities as a rapper.

Influence and Rapping Style

With his longevity in the genre, Aka is now considered an influential elder statesman of hip hop. His clear enunciation, breath control, and rhyming complexity have inspired many young rappers. He is also renowned as a freestyle battler, taking on challengers during shows. His flows switch between double-time and slower rhythms, exhibiting versatility as a lyricist over any beat.

Current Work and Recognition

While still recording and touring with Ces Cru occasionally, Aka continues developing his solo discography with intricate rapping and experimental beats. Well over 15 years into his rap career, he maintains elite technical rapping abilities while expanding the emotions and messages in his music. With sustained success spanning over a decade, Aka has cemented himself as a highly skilled and respected hip hop artist.

Quick Facts About Aka

Full Name: Arryonne Kadonnie Mangum

Birthday: June 11, 1979

Birthplace: Kansas City, Missouri

Height: 5’8

Net Worth: Estimated around $2 million

Aka’s Age & Early Experiences

Now 44 years old, Aka has been rapping since his youth in Kansas City. He started developing his rapid delivery through early freestyle battles on the local scene. Along with high school classmate Ubiquitous, their shared dedication to lyricism and forming the duo Ces Cru launched his music career as a young man still in his early 20s.

How Tall is Aka?

Standing at 5 feet 8 inches, Aka has an average height and slim build that contributes to his light, nimble flows when rapping at blistering speeds. His dynamic vocal projection allows his complex bars to remain articulate despite rapid rhythms.

Key Facts About Aka

  • Has recorded 7 albums as part of Ces Cru
  • Released his 1st solo album in 2012, with 5 more solo albums since
  • Has won multiple local hip hop music awards
  • Has an estimated net worth around $2 million
  • Known for breakneck rapping speeds with clarity
  • Has an influential, distinct Midwest hip hop style

Frequently Asked Questions About Aka

When did Aka start rapping?

Aka started rapping in the early 1990s as a teenager in Kansas City’s local hip hop scene. He began competing in rap battles and forming a foundation of fast rhyming skills through freestyling from an early age.

What was Aka’s breakthrough moment in his career?

Aka’s big breakthrough came in 2004 with the release of his debut album as part of the duo Ces Cru, which generated buzz in the Midwest and started their period of sustained indie success. His 2012 debut solo album was also an important career milestone.

How fast can Aka rap?

At his top speeds, Aka can rap at an astonishing rate of over 11 syllables per second while amazingly maintaining clarity. He incorporates this rapid fire delivery selectively within his flows for brief spurts or lyrical onslaughts.

Who has Aka collaborated with?

Some notable rappers Aka has collaborated with on songs include Tech N9ne, Murs, Ludacris, Token, and Rittz along with producers like Seven. He is well-respected across different underground and mainstream circles.

Is Aka still with Ces Cru?

Yes, Aka is still an active member of hip hop duo Ces Cru along with Ubiquitous, despite his extensive solo work over the past decade. They continue to tour and occasionally release new Ces Cru material together amidst their respective solo careers.

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