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A Daughter’s Father Should Not Trust Anyone, Not Even The Wind, is This Message Given in The Drama Mere Humsafar Correct?

A Daughter's Father Should not Trust Anyone, Not Even The Wind, is This Message Given in The Drama Mere Humsafar Correct?

Through Pakistani dramas, the problems of the society are identified and their solutions are also told in a unique way – this is the reason why, despite the arrival of commercial channels, the position of Pakistani dramas has not decreased but is getting better and better.

Drama Mere Hum Safar

In recent times, the popular drama Mere Hum Safar has made a place in people’s hearts in a very strong way. Along with domestic politics and issues, the messages conveyed in this play are so clear that most of the viewers find it to be the story of their own home to some extent-

The story of my journey

This story is the story of three brothers, two of whom live in Pakistan, while one brother lives abroad and gets married there, and in the event of his wife’s separation, he leaves his only daughter Hala with his grandmother in Pakistan. Goes-

Growing up in the families of aunts and uncles, this girl faces the harshest opposition and oppression from her childhood by their wives and daughters – the only grandmother is the kind figure in the house in whose shadow she lives. get shelter-

Hala’s personality suffers from feelings of inferiority due to constant ridicule and criticism Haniya Aamir’s role as Hala – on the other hand, the only son of her aunt who returns from studying abroad After his return, he raises his voice against the abuse of the family, even at one point he is forced to marry Hala – which his mother does not approve of.

Hala’s mother constantly plots against her and disturbs Hala’s peaceful life. At the same time, grandmother’s health also starts to deteriorate and she strongly forces Hala’s father to come to Pakistan.

Hala’s dialogue, said while holding her father’s hand before her death, not only made people cry, but also drew everyone’s attention to an important fact-

Grandmother said that a father should not trust anyone in his daughter’s case, not even in the wind.

No one is trusted in the matter of daughter

By the way, all children are loved by humans, but daughters are very sensitive, they need their parents at all times of their lives – no matter how much love others give, the lack of parents cannot be fulfilled.

And children who do not have both a mother and a father at their head, this lack of personality remains on a permanent basis, the effects of which last for generations to come.

Even if the relationship is strong, their love becomes step-in-law

It is also a fact that if there are no parents at the head, the love of close relatives also becomes half-hearted because it is a fact that when it comes to one’s own children, a person cannot give the same love to another’s children. that gives to his children-

These scenes of the drama made everyone emotional

The recent episode of Mere Hum Safar which featured the death scenes of the grandmother i.e. Samina Ahmed and her last conversation with her own son, left a deep impression on the hearts of the viewers but also in their eyes according to many social media users. tears came

Such dramas are a proof that even today if something good and effective is shown on television, people not only watch it but are also influenced by it-

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